Language Training
Spanish is an overwhelming force in the United States today.  More and more Spanish speaking families migrate to our country every day, and while they share in our country, our beliefs, and our interest, often they don’t share in our language.

For those hiring Spanish-speaking employees to those rendering services (like emergency rescue services and hospital employees), it is a big benefit to have some training. For the former option, an interpreter can train new employees in essential operations, go over HR policies with new employees, or develop an on-site language intermediary to handle basic situations in English and Spanish. 

Even more necessary is the latter option: training emergency personnel essentials in bilingual basics pertinent to their field.  An injured Spanish person is going to have a hard time getting proper treatment if no one on staff at the hospital has any Spanish knowledge.  Sessions can be provided for a one-time or multi-session format, and Angel is comfortable with any group, no matter its size.


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