Court Interpreting
Court Interpreting is a lofty, important task.  Due to its variety, it can be a difficult one, too.  Because of the nature of the details in Court Interpreting, accuracy in this mode of interpretation has to be spot on.  Additionally, the clientele can vary greatly—from a highly educated judge or attorney to a person in custody without a high school education.  Add to this variance, the legal jargon that can be thrown about, and it is clear that court interpreting is not some hobby for any bilingual patron.
An expert is needed in the court room: A person who can succinctly and accurately get a message across with clarity, patience, and an unbiased delivery.  Maria Laura Angel’s dedication to acquiring the essential court interpreting skill set, multiple language fluency, and determined commitment to professionalism make her the perfect choice for any courtroom situation.  Certified for the State of Missouri in 2009, Angel has the experience, knowledge, and credentials to carry the court’s message.


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