Consecutive Interpreting
Consecutive Interpreting—when an interpreter waits for a pause from the speaker before delivering the translated version—is a matter of focus.  The translator must not stray from the speaker, who may deliver three words or three sentences.  Additionally, consecutive interpreting requires that a translator not be distracted by the audience, and, more importantly, must not be a distraction to the audience.  The interpreter must be a calm, steady presence controlling the communication stream with coherence, timing, and confidence.
With a background in performance and leadership, Maria Laura Angel has become comfortable being in front of people and leading them.  It is not only her linguistic understanding and vernacular acumen, but also the very presence she commands.  She will deliver your message with accuracy (both in content and delivery) and, similar to her translations, her past experiences in consecutive interpreting (experiences in the Missouri Courts, with Nestle Purina, and with Monsanto, for instance) have made that fact abundantly clear.


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