Peruse this site to find out more about the Interpreting and Translation services offered by Maria Laura Angel.  Whatever your need, when dealing with the Spanish language, Maria Laura Angel has your English solution.

Drawn to language study at a young age, Angel dedicated herself to cultural studies specializing in languages through which she discovered her true passion: Interpreting.

With over 15 years of interpreting and education experience, Angel has forgone her career as a language educator in order to commit herself to full-time interpreting.  Her passion for this field has been the force behind a plethora of successful translation and interpreting endeavors, from court interpreting to business interpreting for several recognized organizations.

Look over her endorsements, education, and experience on this website and then contact Maria Laura Angel to find out how you can attain this language professional today.

“I look forward to bringing precision and professionalism to all aspects of your linguistic proceedings.  It is my pleasure to serve courts, companies, schools, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals in advancing communication through language instruction, translation, and interpretation.”
Maria Laura Angel


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